The SAP Network

Proxime are proud to be involved within the SAP skills market, therefore “The SAP Network” is a forum for local, national and international SAP professionals.

The network group provides an opportunity for SAP professionals to meet, greet, exchange ideas, exchange contact details and to reacquaint with people within the industry who they have lost contact with throughout the years.

The platform is a very simple model! You are invited to a “The SAP Network” event; you turn up, have a drink or two and something to eat, meet new people and have a great time!

The events are by invitation only as it is NOT a “recruitment/ hiring” event so there are no “recruitment/ headhunting firms” involved, trying to gather your contact details to tempt you away from your current role.

The events are held at locations which are seen as unique and somewhere where individuals may not have been beforehand.

There have been over 200 attendees to the events, with numbers increasing at each event.

Also please join “The SAP Network” LinkedIn group: The SAP Network